About Us

Minecade is ran and managed by the same people who run the Legendary Network, we are constantly innovating and making new projects with the goal of pleasing as many people as we possibly can. We have been in the Gaming community since early 2011 and have attended Minecon (The official Minecraft convention) as sponsors of the show and with a booth showcasing what we do. On 2012 Minecon was in Paris, France and we flew all the way from Mexico to exhibit, we held the show's biggest and most complete booth within the community and we brought over sponsors like HP and SteelSeries, both companies that we recommend and companies that are managed by great people with great minds. We have become good friends with Mojang (Creators of Minecraft) along the way as well as meeting the great personalities within the minecraft community. So far we have been the only minecraft multiplayer community to be present on both shows since the start.


Minecade is primarily managed by 2 people: Felipe P. and Juan Pablo F. the company was filed in 2011 under 'Legendary, LLC' based in California, USA. The complete project was started as a hobby and is still ran as a hobby (Not our full time job) and it's a project we will keep funding and working on.



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