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minecade posted Nov 28, 14

corbonzo im so confused ive been back and forth between all the possible ways to play games can someone plz help me
corbonzo can someone plz tell me how to enter a game
ETDBEAST Why do I keep spawning in lava at the death match? It has happened 6 times in a row!!!!

Recently we have been working a lot on SCB and have added a few little gimmicks we hope you guys will enjoy. We have implemented a way to spectate duels, as well as two new unique characters!

We will be rolling out more and more content not only in SCB but in all the other modes including the lobby very soon! Make sure to check out the VIP packages to get the most out of Minecade! Please comment down below what you would like to see next in a Minecade near you!

Have fun!

epicmax2000 I got banned for no aparent reson please help me get this figured out
DerpInFire PRO I Cant get the most out of my pro. Plz help me
gold_prism I can't find the IP and the IP at the top doesn't work

The Walls Diamond Tournament!

glennEboy AdminLEGENDARYPROVeteran posted Nov 15, 14
11.30am West coast (US)
2.30pm East coast (US)
7.30pm UK
Late o'clock & very early o'clock (middle, far East & Aus)

or join minecade.com lobby & type "/server w4"

Walls PRO players can start to join at 6:30PM UTC til 6:50PM UTC.
Walls VIP + players can join from 6:50PM UTC - 7:10PM UTC.
All players can join from 7:10PM UTC - 7:30PM UTC.

Full Details Here: Tournament Details Here

The_Pro_On_MC_1 VIP IM VIP
EmergTheKiller Hello dear Owners and Admins and etc... I am here to tell you that I bought VIP for EmergTheKiller 2 times and It has be ...
herobrine32331 I was banned for no reason! HACKING?? WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD I GET BANNED FOR HACKING?? I DONT KNOW HOW TO HACK! EVEN I ...
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