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boophis AdminSupportVeteran posted Feb 13, 16

Super Craft Brothers


and we know you do too. Minecade's Super Craft Brothers is getting some much needed love this Valentine's so join the server to join the fun!

Part 1 of SCB's update does a lot of behind the scenes work - optimizing the code to reduce lag and eliminate the need for restarts to improve your play experience. Part of the code clean up does remove some of the less used maps and classes available, but this also means there is more room for new ones to be added. To kick off the addition of new maps - be sure to test out the new community submission "Voyage" which was created by Minecade VIP CasualScrub. New maps also mean a new SCB lobby for you to explore.

Other epic additions include the SCB Resouce pack! It is optional but if you think you can handle it, you should give it a try. The resource pack adds a custom look to weapons and brings them to life. You'll also find the new ranks - Elite and Titan - are now live on SCB servers with Titan offering you access to the Lovepack's Heart Launcher so you can do your best Cupid impression for Valentine's day.

There's more to see (including some class balancing) and so much more to be added. If you are a new or old player, we hope you enjoy these changes. Much appreciation, much love.


boophis AdminSupportVeteran posted Jan 7, 16

New Minecade Ranks!


Being default is so last year. Its 2016! Kick off the new year sporting one of Minecade's newest ranks which are now available in the Minecade shop. The ELITE and TITAN ranks will give you access to exclusive Tier 5 Treasure Chests as well as supply you with loads of coin bonuses to help you collect all the possible Treasure Chest contents. You will also be able to use elite new lobby cosmetics created just for these rank holders.

As promised the updates continue - ELITE and TITAN are already here in games like Farm Frenzy, Build Battle, SG and SkyWars and additional features are planned as the reworking of all the games continues to progress. Those of you who have asked for the return of SCB Legendary, will be able to gain those select perks with the TITAN rank.

Looking forward to the future this coming 2016 and beyond with Minecade's community, both new and old. Thanks for being here and for supporting the servers. Enjoy those shiny new tags and remember this is just the start of all things new. There's still more stuff ahead!


boophis AdminSupportVeteran posted Dec 25, 15

Santa's Workshop Logo


Christmas is almost upon us and there are presents needing to be sorted before Santa's annual journey begins! Get your elf on and grab a gift from under the tree! They get heavy, but drag them back with Minecadian muscle to your village's station. Watch out for the grinchy golems that are out to spoil the holiday preparations! The most productive elf team wins the love of all the good girls and boys and don't worry - throwing a snowball at your fellow elves here and there won't land you on the naughty list, probably. Only one way to find out for yourself - play Santa's Workshop, Minecade's special Christmas game, created to bring you a little extra festive fun this holiday season. Enjoy!


All that Santa's Work-shopping have you thinking about your own gift needs? Don't forget Minecade's sale is extended this gift giving season. Thanks for sharing some of your holiday with us! And don't worry - there's still more to come!

Happy Holidays from the Minecade team!


felipepcjr Owner posted Dec 17, 15

Over the last couple months we have been working on a lot of things. You have probably noticed how we have begun to follow a new game epicness standard, and a very high one! We have been working on a huge Minecade overhaul consisting in tons of updates which will lead Minecade to the top! This has been a great obstacle given that we are by far the longest standing network, some of you will remember when we released the first ever 'Automated Walls' servers! Well now, it is time we re think the network and give it an overhaul from the very foundation to the very top, and this release is part of that!


I am pleased to introduce the brand new SkyWars! We have completely re done the minigame to use our brand new games core which is also used in FarmFrenzy and BuildBattle. The core doesn't just make it easier for us to release games quicker, but also to run super lightweight and rock solid! 

The new SkyWars features a new way to unlock epic classes and custom spawn cages, you can now unlock these by opening Sky Crates that can be obtained by playing! Can you find them all? This is just the tip of the iceberg! TONS more stuff is coming to SkyWars soon such as teams mode and even a mode with Lucky Blocks! So keep your eyes open :D

During December we will be releasing A LOT more epicness, including more overhauls to current games plus the addition of brand new games! I don't want to give spoilers! 

Have fun and happy holidays!

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