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BRAND NEW GAME! Farm Frenzy!

felipepcjr Owner
felipepcjr @ Minecade
posted Sun at 11:33

We are very excited to finally announce the release of our newest game-mode: Farm Frenzy! We have been working tirelessly on this new game-mode for you guys to enjoy! Here I will outline just some of the main features of this epic new game but don't take our word for it. Check it out now! 

Game Introduction:

Farm Frenzy is a PvP game where 8 teams start in their own island and battle against each other! In your island you will have various item generators. These generators will spawn items at a certain rate! You must upgrade these generators to work quicker and trade their items in the various local trader shops around your island!  

The game features a custom resource pack with amazing models that really add to the game. We won't name all the changes since we really want you guys to see them for yourselves! 

Farm Frenzy is currently in a Beta stage so bugs may occur at this stage. If you find one please report it on our forums so that we can get all the beta bugs resolved ASAP!

Have an epic weekend filled with frenzy!!

PiggehDaLegend VIP There should be sale on store like 30% off
Chris Overdrive VIP Possibly the best thing that happened to Minecade since the Winter Update (in-between updates were good, but kinda small ...
TaazMC PROVIP This actually looks cool.

Brand new lobby!

SaxSalute posted Aug 22, 15

As some of you surely noticed, a brand new lobby was released on Minecade today! At first glance it may seem more basic than what was there before, but it's a brand new foundation for a lot of great new things that will be rolling in soon such as:

- New pets and gadgets

- New and improved parkour system

- Lobby minigames

- Server wide challenges

We hope that you all enjoy this first update, and we're looking forward to pushing out loads of new content in the near future!

Superpyrusman VIP How do I friken enter my code right after I went to the website to get it!?!?!?!??!? PLZ HELP ME! I SPENT 25 FREAKIN' $! ...
kingliberty I bought VIP and I never got it please can you give it to me it is kingliberty
PandaDoezYT/JaydenPvPz VIP Please help me i am banned i am VIP i dont know how i was banned so please unban me my ign is PandaDoezYT so plleeeaaaas ...

Last weekend, the first version of a brand new Survival Games made just for Minecade was released. After another week of work, the first update is here with a ton of fixes and improvements! Go check it out, and have fun!

If you would like to discuss the new update and read full patch notes, join us on the forums!

Chica the chicken VIP that's was good game
nalela123 alguien sabe como entrar a los juegos
yuyesp wolf porfa q hable español
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