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FarmFrenzy Updates!

felipepcjr Owner posted Oct 30, 15

Hey guys, these last weeks have been total madness! We have never released so much stuff in such time period and this is not the end! This weekend we have deployed a new patch in FarmFrenzy that addresses the remainder of the bugs as well as some new mechanics and secrets that i'll leave you guys to find!

We have also added a new map called Volcano! This epic map features tons of new challenges especially in the center island, it features new models, new textures and tons of secrets! I won't go into too much detail either as in my opinion it's the coolest map in FarmFrenzy so far so go check it out! 

Do not forget the 60% OFF sale is still running NOW until november 3rd so be sure to take advantage of it to get the most out of all these new and upcoming games! We do not do sales very often so now is your chance!


We are also pleased to welcome the newest member of our development team DevilBoy! if you do not know him, he is the brain behind the popular plugin DisguiseCraft! With his help we will be releasing some jawdropping content and updates to both new and existing games! Godspeed!

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Have an epic weekend!

Build Battle Release! #HYPE

felipepcjr Owner posted Oct 25, 15

Last week we promised you that we would be releasing tons of updates as well as some new games! Well, I am pleased to announce the second installment in the October Minecade Overhaul! This game has been requested tons, so we didn't just decide to make it, we decided to make it better than the rest! 


Build Battle will be deployed later tonight!

Build Battle is a game where you compete against players to see who can build the most epic creation! Set your creativity wild and use the provided array of tools to create the silliest, the funniest or the most epic build anyone has laid eyes on! Watch out since you only have 10 minutes to make this happen so use your time wisely! 

We have been working non stop on this game to make sure it is a true masterpiece, be sure to give huge props to our epic development team, especially Juan Manuel (Kvnamo) who lead this project into release ! We are certain you will love it and we cannot see what you guys are building! 

Discuss the Build Battle release HERE!

Do not forget we still have the 60% OFF Sale going on for Halloween so be sure to take advantage of it to enjoy Build Battle to its fullest extent as VIP and PRO users get some epic benefits like creating cuboids, saving their inventory loadout, using fancy particles and even resetting your plot with the click of a button! 

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Happy Halloween! 60% OFF SALE!

felipepcjr Owner posted Oct 23, 15

First of all Happy Halloween! We at Minecade wish everyone a fun yet spooky season this October! 

Halloween Lobby!

As many of you have already noticed, we have added a Halloween themed lobby riddled with surprises and hidden secrets, something never before seen at Minecade! I won't go into too many details as I want you to go play it yourself! 

Minecade Shop 60% OFF Sale!

With all the spookiness going around we have decided to make a Halloween Sale! Starting today, ALL the items at the Minecade Shop will be discounted by a whooping 60%. With all the new games and updates being done, we don't want anyone to miss out on all the excitement and fun! 

Click HERE to go to the Minecade Shop NOW!

More Updates!

During the past few days we have also been working very hard on FarmFrenzy along with all the other game updates and upcoming releases! These include several bugfixes (You can find a detailed lists on the forums) and small features for you to discover! We thank you all for your super epic support and we hope you have a blast with all these updates!


Minecade Updates! Farm Frenzy!

felipepcjr Owner posted Oct 17, 15

We have been very pleased with Farm Frenzy and all that #Hypetrain on it! We thank you all for making it possible since it is something the network needed, but we are not stopping there!

Soon (And by soon I mean within days) we will be releasing yet another highly requested minigame, updates to the older games along with more secrets so be sure to rack up on your coins! We also updated the network logo to a newer and fresher one! Thanks for the contniued support guys, more coming in the hypetrain!

Farm Frenzy

Now to talk about Farm Frenzy! Today the servers were packed and we are super happy with the feedback, who would have thought that throwing animal poop at faces would be so fun! Tonight we will be deploying a new map called Elven along with tons of fixes! A detailed list can be found on the forums so be sure to post your thoughts!

Farm Frenzy Changelog Discussion

We hope you all have an epic weekend filled with that Farm Frenzy poop! (In a good way!)

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