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The Walls Diamond Tournament!

glennEboy AdminLEGENDARYPROVeteran posted Sat at 9:04
11.30am West coast (US)
2.30pm East coast (US)
7.30pm UK
Late o'clock & very early o'clock (middle, far East & Aus)

or join minecade.com lobby & type "/server w4"

Walls PRO players can start to join at 6:30PM UTC til 6:50PM UTC.
Walls VIP + players can join from 6:50PM UTC - 7:10PM UTC.
All players can join from 7:10PM UTC - 7:30PM UTC.

Full Details Here: Tournament Details Here

RUTHIE183 It says that my account has been PERMANENTLY disabled and I don't know why. I haven't done anything bad or against the r ...
Mindysatsky@yahoo.com VIP my accuont is 3psat i dont now why my account is permenetly diasbled I bought vip too please fix this.
wolfclone13 VIP My VIP isn't even working at all

This week we have been working on SCB fixes, bugs and updates in preparation for an epic Halloween super secret release! VillagerDefense has been getting a similar treatment, some of these patches have been rolling out randomly so make sure not to miss them! 

We have also been working on a new game mode that has been heavily requested along with some new Survival Games maps that will be rolling out very soon! We hope you have enjoyed the merge and all the new stuff, and I am sure you guys will love what is to come! Much needed for the network!

Have fun and enjoy!
joepcraft my irongolem class is no longer working? I had it when supercraft was brand new and used it alot.. but when I started pl ...
joepcraft I am trying to get in contact because I lost my irongolem class I had it for a long time and when I started playing toda ...
giordi7 How I can play in Olimpocraf ?

Welcome Sky Network!

minecade posted Oct 11, 14

We thought that the Sky Network was getting a bit lonely and was lacking the addition of new games, so we made the decision to bring the two networks together in an attempt to bring more fun and quality! Maintaining two networks was beginning to be a very challenging task especially when they were very similar. 

We have added a new lobby to fit all the games you love, and we have also merged the forums together meaning all your votes, posts and stuff is all in one place now! Login with your same login credentials to get started! VIP users will keep all their stuff and they will now have VIP in all the new games! 

We hope we have your support in this new massive update and we will be adding a ton of new games, updates (SCB) and new maps in the coming days!

Have fun!

sammus18 i had vip on the sky's old server but now that it has merged i do not have vip on the new games like the post says. how ...
Alexdan10 VIP Guys, today I can't join super craft bros. first lobby. And there is no more KingZombie. What happen to the first lobby ...
Adreax VIP SUBJECT: PLEASE UNBAN ME 13-11-2014 I join with my friends and i purschashe VIP and i have a ban (scratch) why? why ? w ...
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