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Biggest Ever SCB Tourney Ever!!!

glennEboy AdminLEGENDARYPROVeteran posted Sat at 6:59

YUS!! Its here people..

We will be hosting a 256 player SCB tourney

March 14th 2015

Wanna join in? Click here to read more on how to apply

New Minecade YouTube Channel!

felipepcjr Owner posted Feb 19, 15

New Minecade Channel!

We have just released a new Minecade YouTube channel featuring our official youtubers BrolamAnimatedCallum & Ghostly! Please make sure to subscribe as we will be uploading tons of awesome videos featuring gameplays, UHC, modded series and of course, Minecade games! Visit the Channel!



Walls Tournament!

We will also be hosting a thrilling new MCTheWalls tourment very soon! Watch this video teaser and make sure to like / comment in the video to make us feel good about making more videos :P



felipepcjr Owner posted Feb 16, 15

Hello Minecadians!

Tonight we are happy to announce the next installment in the Super Craft Brothers gamemode! We are keeping quiet about most of the details, but one thing we will tell you is that YOU will be able to decide what characters we are going to be adding!

To participate in the character competition and get a chance to win a LEGENDARY membership plus 10,000 network coins head over to THIS THREAD

Have fun! - Comments closed.

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