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Introducing MCQuake!

minecade a posted Jun 24, 14

We have finally found the time to re work the long awaited MCQuake minigame! Shoot your opponents in a 0 gravity environment while capturing points for your team! We have some really cool maps you should check out as well as an epic lobby!

Play MCQuake now at ip: Mineca.de

Have fun!
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So as many of you already know, Minecraft is changing their EULA to basically cut off server communities from being able to profit from Minecraft servers. Their excuse in doing so is to give all players an equal experience playing minecraft multiplayer.

What is wrong with this ?

Well, if a player is on a server that is pay to win, it means he is in that server for his own free will. There are a lot of servers that are less pay to win that he can choose, but one way or another, that server would not even be here if they were forced to not profit. 

What will happen if Mojang enforces this ?

Well, at least 98% of servers where the minecraft online player base is (According to a lot of sites that collect this kind of data) will cease to exist, Mojang is saying that if we collect voluntary donations for nothing in return is good enough. Well, let me tell you that most of the server networks (Over 50,000 registered users) have over $5,000 of monthly costs in just hardware. Here at Minecade, if you sum up the Olimpo, Sky and Minecade networks, we have more than 100 dedicated servers running all the time to make sure players have the experience they have. Voluntary donations will not simply 'cut it'.

Minecade is not really a project to profit, most of our users will see that a lot of what we make goes back into the network, the 3 times we have attended Minecon has not been because we want to get new users to join our server ($50 in a Minecraft server list site will get us more user joins than a Minecon booth which goes for $20,000), but we do it because it's an amazing experience both for the community and our users. 

If Mojang hammers down on this, they will do too much collateral damage, it won't even be funny. There are over 100,000 servers actively collecting payments via DonationCraft and BuyCraft. A lot of jobs are made through these and a lot of families are fed in the process, hundreds, if not thousands of jobs are being generated online simply because of Minecraft, and closing down on this will remove those jobs and all the people that collaborate in making minecraft what it is will be left hanging.

Why is this a bad deal for Mojang ? 

Mojang is a business, businesses exist to generate income, and serve a purpose in society, if this was not true with Mojang, their game would be free. We servers, invest a lot of money to get players via adsense, social networks, youtube. To play on our servers, people MUST buy Minecraft before being able to join and this is creating a very huge advertising effect on Minecraft. If Mojang's argument is that they do not want their players playing in a 'pay to win' server, then that is why there are tens of thousands of other servers plus Minecraft realms. 

If Mojang wants to go forward with this, of course we cannot stop them. But you guys can help us get the word to them and help them realize what a terrible mistake they are doing.

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Pizza Spleef has just been released, and we are happy to announce that we will be doing a 20% off sale during the release period! You may obtain Pizza Spleef VIP HERE!

The video above will explain most of the gameplay for Pizza Spleef as well as the brand new Power Spleef modes! We really hope you enjoy this new game mode as we took months making them!

Have fun!
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ChueyMC How do i apply for GM? I want to help out...
mcadventurer i can't join in on the fun because of the hologram text. does anybody know how to fix this?
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