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Xanamra SCB Class VS Class #5~ ButterBro VS SnowGolem!

glennE AdminLEGENDARYPROVeteran posted Mon at 17:27

Minecade SkyWars Released!

felipepcjr Owner posted Apr 9, 15

We have just released SkyWars! A new PVP Survival gamemode that we have been working for quite a while, we are happy to announce that it is in open beta!


The several build teams that we worked with have done an amazing job creating 8 brand new maps for the Minecade SkyWars all themed and packed with tons of secrets and gameplay enhancing features! Make sure to play all of them! 

Chest Tiers

In SkyWars you will find three different chest types, normal ones which will spawn in your island, special chests which will spawn in the center of the map which can only be opened with the Emerald keys that you will obtain throughout the match! and finally the legendary chests which will spawn in hard to reach places usually within the center of the map as well, to open a legendary chest you will need 6 emerald keys which you can obtain by taking them from other players! What is in the legendary chests? Go find out!


We have released a variety of starting kits that will give you an edge against other players, along with these kits we have included unlockable kits both via coins and premium ranks! We will be working on achivement based kits and tons more kits to come in future updates!

Capture Points

Deathmatches have become too mainstream, so when the match starts to get too long or players are hard to find at the end, we have come up with a capture point system that will spawn a capture point in the center of the map that can be captured by being in it! The first player to capture and defend this point will win the match!

Custom drop cages

We have added the amazing ability tu fully customize your drop cage and mess with the various Minecraft tainted glass tones to mix and match them into your own personalized pattern! VIP's and PRO's have access to unlock an even bigger glass cage to go even crazier on the level of customization of these! 

Enjoy and tell us what you think!

MCWalls Clan Tournament!!

glennE AdminLEGENDARYPROVeteran posted Apr 5, 15
bomber12435 PRO hey guys I got banned from super smash bros idk why can someone tell me what was reported of me?
Lakers1161 Mi Negro Amigo!
NANDO6 wich is the ip of minecade?
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