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Walls Tournament Prelim 1 Today

glennEboy AdminLEGENDARYPROVeteran posted Jan 16, 15

Want to watch the Syntez, ViTal, Syntex & Divinium Hexis clans fight it out for the first spot in the 2015 Winter final... 

Follow the game at the following stream: http://www.twitch.tv/elelhugo16

Time: 4am UTC (8pm PST, 11pm EST)
.3. Why isn't there VIP survival??!
gokudsanty porfa diganme
gokudsanty como hago para juagar el juego que juega vegetta777


minecade posted Dec 23, 14


During the holidays, ALL the shop will be at 20% discount! We wish you happy holidays to you and your families! 

To celebrate this holiday season, we are bringing you tons of new content, christmas themed lobbies and promotions all coming during the span of the holiday season!

We really hope you enjoy this and please comment down below what you think!

bobcoke Everything that is wrong with Minecade: 1.You can't join a single game without a hacker in your game. 2.The Staff is not ...
mhuinda PRO Wow lol
ThatDamnPlayer VIP i used the sale then got banned 15 minutes after...


minecade posted Nov 28, 14

Dsjones499@gmail.com how do u make a clan
mhuinda PRO Why did you click my Profile, eh? DON'T EVER, EVER, EVERRRR CLICK IT AGAIN OR YOU'LL GET SPANKED!!!! Got it? OK.
Dragonforce234 VIP Also can you make it so the classes are upgrade able but requires gems to upgrade, that would be awesome!
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